H&H Family Support Services are here to support you,
so you can have peace of mind and a good night’s rest.

Our Services:


Multiple Birth Relief Program

We provide staffing support to new mothers and moms with multiple births, who may not have the family support needed during the night, so they can rest well and have a peace of mind. Our personal support workers to assist the babies at night while their mothers get enough sleep so that they can feel healthy to support their children.




Child and Family Support for Families in Crisis

We provides short-term in-home support to families with children especially multiple births (0-4) that require hands on care while parents are recovering from medical emergencies and crises situation.

The program allows parents timely recovery from illness and urgent situation and promotes access to community resources to provide ongoing support to families. This is only on referral basis.

Referral from social worker, psychologist, and behavior therapist.




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